The Associates give back to the community by supporting and enhancing the work of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.  We are a group of young adults committed to promoting awareness, raising funds, and volunteering in order to expand the positive impact of an institution which has served San Francisco’s most diverse and densely populated neighborhoods for over 100 years.

Our Next Event:

Third Annual White Caps & Night Caps Event. Friday, September 23, 2011. Neptunes Palace on Pier 39


The Third Annual Escape from the Rock Event was a huge success.  Thanks to all that participated.
Associates Kick Off Event at the Bubble Lounge in January was a great success, we thank you for your support!

Letter from the Board:

Thank you for your generous support of the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital this year.  Your financial contributions, time, and enthusiasm have enabled us to achieve more than we had ever hoped to accomplish in one year.  Rest assured that your commitment to the hospital has not been in vain.  In our inaugural year, we raised over $22,000 in cash and in-kind gifts and donated $15,000 to the Bothin Burn Center.  We also raised awareness in the community and spirits of numerous patients and hospital staff.  Your contributions have truly made a difference and this is just the beginning.

We aspire to build upon this success and momentum in 2010, but we need your continued support.  It is our hope that you will renew your membership by filling out the attached membership form and paying the annual dues of $80.  To pay your dues on-line click the Donate Now button below and make sure you indicate that you would like the Associates Membership as a thank-you gift for your donation.


Have a look at all of things we have accomplished this year and the fun we have had.  Also, check out what we have in store for 2010.  We welcome your thoughts on how we can make our organization a more effective one going forward.  If you wish to play a larger role please let us know what interests you, whether it's volunteering at the hospital or helping us plan an event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Warm regards,

The Associates Board
Dara Beirne - John Boynton - Lizzie Bull - Paul Clark - Stephanie Gilmour - Katie Horgan - Duncan Ley - Will Parker - Kate Smith - Miguel Ulloa 

Foundation Liaison:
Markham Miller & Bridgett A. Hart

Advisory Board:
Susan Campbell - Robert MacIntosh - Leo Martinez - Mollie Marshall - Carole A. Obley - Victor Prieto, M.D